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How to Become a Family Mediator

The OAFM has been accrediting Ontario’s family mediators since 1998. Accreditation is an important qualification that distinguishes mediators who are suitably trained, qualified and insured from those who may not be. If you want to obtain work with one of Ontario’s court-connected family mediation programs you generally must be accredited.

Benefits of accreditation with OAFM include belonging to the organization which introduced mediation to Ontario over forty (40) years ago and being in fellowship with over 500 mediators from various disciplines.

To begin the process review the Accreditation criteria which outlines the background you require and the courses that must be taken in order to satisfy the educational requirements.

If it appears that you have the necessary background for Accreditation status, your next step would be to join OAFM as an Associate Member.

Your next step is to take the training courses. There are a number of providers of the training courses and we have listed the reliable and known ones that have been approved for many years. The people who provide these courses are members of the OAFM and have been conducting training for many years.

If you have questions about a different course you may have already taken, please contact us. It is possible that other courses, not designed to meet accreditation requirements, will qualify. It depends on the course content, and how much of it complies with the requirements established by the accrediting organizations.

Once you have completed your courses, your final step will be Internship. The internship program is an essential component of accreditation since it provides hands on experience with observation, co-mediation, mediation and the drafting of agreements.  Family information and mediation service providers in each court jurisdiction generally provide internships. Some accredited mediators in private practice offer internships. Some individual mediators may agree to allow candidates for accreditation to observe and co-mediate cases with them.  Please contact us if you have difficulty securing an internship.

Once you reach this step, you will require insurance.  If you require any assistance, please contact us and we will be pleased to assist you.

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