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Since 1982, the OAFM has offered Ontario’s families a better way.

We are a multi-disciplinary association promoting family mediation as the first choice for dispute resolution for families in conflict.

Our Accredited Family Mediator (AccFM) designation is at the root of Family Mediation in Ontario.

Family Mediation is informed by many disciplines and practised by our members who represent a diversity of backgrounds, education, training and experience.

We promote and govern the professionalism within the family mediation community by granting accreditation to family mediators who have completed a rigorous program of education, training and internship. Our AccFM (OAFM) designation is sanctioned by the Ontario provincial government.

We are the pioneering organization that has led the way in defining and upholding the core principles of Family Mediation.

Unlike other forms of mediation, Family Mediation requires a nuanced understanding of conflict resolution theory and practice, psychology, interpersonal relationships, family dynamics, family law, child welfare and protection. Accredited Family Mediators (AccFM) have the expertise to approach emotionally charged situations, screen for safety, objectively assess points of conflict, and facilitate balanced settlements for the participants. We strive to provide the best education, training and support to practitioners while serving as a resource and directory for the families of Ontario

We are the leaders in family mediation in Ontario