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Family Mediation Standards

The OAFM Standards of Practice outline the responsibilities required of all our members and Accredited Family Mediators (AccFM).

In times of family conflict, clients need to know that their interests, privacy and safety are protected in the mediation process. Our standards govern the relationship between family mediators and clients, the public and any other professionals involved to ensure the utmost respect is maintained.

Through the Standards of Practice and AccFM (OAFM) designation, the OAFM has defined the integrity, obligations and knowledge required to properly conduct Family Mediation.

The Standards of Practice describe the fundamental qualities that all Accredited Family Mediators (AccFM) must adhere to, including proper conduct and competence, confidentiality, fairness, understanding and domestic violence screening.

Our Abuse Policy further details how Accredited Family Mediators (AccFM) screen for domestic abuse that require adjustments to the family mediation process. The vulnerability and volatility inherent in family conflict demand the highest level of consideration which should be standard for all Family Mediation practitioners. Our high standards allow families to entrust their futures to the Family Mediation process.

We are the leaders in family mediation in Ontario